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UVINK TEAM recruiting a person who have dream

Job Category: Assistant General Manager
Number: 1
Education: college and above
Monthly Salary: Negotiable
Job Responsibilities:
1, Assist daily working schedule for general manager.
2, responsible for handling internal and external documents, solve visiting issues & real-time processing.
3, deal with external public relations (government, important customers, etc.), a company involved in large-scale public activities in the planning, arrangement, organization.
4, assist the general manager to arrange high-level meeting schedule and agenda, writing and follow up with the theme and other companies meeting.
5, responsible for the management of the various subordinate departments.
6, maintaining customer relationships through Wechat, to show the company's images.
1, Good-looking and elegant, decent manners.
2, strong communication skills.
3, for preciseness organized.
4, familiar with Wechat application.
5, public relations, administration, business management and other related majors person who have college degree or above, fresh graduates can be also accepted.
6, strong organization, coordination, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills and keen insight.
7, good team spirit, honest and reliable, good character.
8, English level 4 above, good Mandarin.

Job Category: Marketing Copywriter assistant
Number: 1
Education: college and above
Work Experience: no limitation
Monthly Salary: 2000-3000RMB
Job Responsibilities:
1, the company responsible for writing marketing activities and publicity materials copy, release.
2, the company's Web site article writing, content, and updates are released.
3, assist the manager to complete the details of website SEO optimization.
4. Complete other matters marketing manager accountable.
1, news, Chinese, English, advanced secretarial and other liberal arts majors, college degree or above.
2, excellent organization skills, writing experience.
3, creative ability, quick thinking, good communication skills, familiar with the brand and corporate culture strategic planners priority.
4, High interest for internet new things. Understand the Internet SEO is preferred.
5, above English level 4, Fluent reading and writing.
6, quiet personality, rigorous work, methodical.
7, accept fresh graduates.

Job category: foreign trade sales
Job Responsibilities:
1, responsible for sale the company's products; tap new customers, communication.
2, according to the marketing plan, complete sector sales targets;
3, open up new markets, develop new customers, increase product sales range;
4, management and maintenance for customer relationship with a long-term strategic plans.
1, college degree or above, marketing, or other relevant professional English;
2, more than one year work experience in the sales industry, outstanding performance is preferred;
3, responsive, strong communication skills, have strong communication skills and interpersonal skills, with affinity;
4, have a certain market analysis and judgment, good sense of customer service;
5, responsible, working under pressure;
6, skilled Portuguese or Spanish or Russian priority.
7, a driver's license is preferred.
1. No liability can be proposed 2500-5000 RMB basic salary + commission (uncapped) + Other benefits + bonus + accommodation + year-end bonus + social security + training opportunities to go abroad, the annual salary of up to 150,000 to 500,000 RMB.
2. Platform Company: The company was launched in 2008, Alibaba trade platform, every year there will be one or two international advertising trade show exhibitors, there are other resources to customs data.
3. The promotion of a professional marketing team support.
4. performance around the world, office. Home printing supplies, wide format advertising inkjet supplies, consumables market potential.
1. The duty five days a week and a half, eight hours per day.
2. Companies including accommodation with single, separate kitchen, dormitories elegant environment, fresh air, WIFI wireless Internet access.
3. The company has a "Fund", activities for staff expenses.
4. Companies with gym, we have fitness habits.
5. probationary period, signed a formal labor contract, enjoy the full range of security, buy social security.
6. The state shall enjoy various holidays and internal wealth of recreational activities.
7. Corporate Activities: The company attaches importance to corporate culture promotion and publicity, all kinds of leisure activities organized by the company every month, as well as the activities of the team sector organizations. Enrich their lives, and enhance employee cohesion.