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Dye ink, dye ink for dx5, ink

Product Name:
Dye ink for Epson wide format printers
Product Model:
1. To print: office documents, pictures
2. To print: home pictures, home works, and documents.
3. To print: Design comp, illustration, commercial advertising, trademarks, labels, photographic pictures.
4. Suitable for print pictures and text which no need long-term suspension display. Binding save up to 5-10 years.
Water based dye ink is a kind of ink that can soluble in water, wide gamut, bright color, which has been widely used.
UVINK’s dye ink use high quality dye, raw material and additives, to make sure ink has brightest and vivid colors, high saturation, and has stable solution.
Our Ink through high-precision filter, definitely not plug.
Our R & D team has over 20 years of researching experience, lead by a Ph.D. we can research according to customer request
Mutoh, Roland printers with DX5 printheads.

1. Real color, high saturation.
2. High precision filtration, molecular up to 1-2 nm, fluency, and never break, never plug.
3. Clear print images, sharp, no flash, no blooming.
4. Suitable PH value, protect print heads.
5. Fast dry, strong coloring, widely used in a variety of print media.
6. Not contain harmful substances, health and environmental protection.
Printing directly
 K, C, M, Y, LC, LM, Gray, LK, LLK, orange, Green, red, gloss

Dye ink for Epson wide format printers Executive Editor

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